Hey there! You’re probably wondering who I am, right? My names Alex. I’m a computer science student at Swansea University with a passion for developing and hacking. I’ve been using a computer ever since I first played MS Pinball back when I was little. Nowadays I play slightly more grown-up games the likes of the Witcher series, Overwatch and yes… even Counter Strike (expects about half the people to close this page in disgust). Mostly though, if I’m not sleeping then I’m probably breaking a server that I probably shouldn’t be fiddling with, or trying to create a application and giving up half way - I’ve got a few half finished projects.


All my on-going projects are available on GitHub and free to be used and modified under the MIT licence. I’ve learnt so much from other people’s open source contributions. In fact, almost everything I know has come from articles written on blogs and well documented code from GitHub. I hope that someone else may find something I’ve made useful in this way, whether as an example of implementing a particular feature or through a tutorial I’ve posted on this very site. I feel I’ve got to try and do my bit to pay back the community that helped me!

TL;DR - I post an everything here, as an archive of sorts. So I’d bookmark this page - “hint-hint”.

University Stuff

Well, what can I say here? I’ve only been at the University for 3 months so I haven’t got a great deal of experience in research or anything of the like. I do however hold the position of President of the Computer Society which entails the decision making and administration of the society. I’m trying to do things in an open way, by making decisions through community voting - we’ll see how that goes.